Well this is new

A blacksmith’s work is as down-to-earth as you can get.  There’s metal, fire, smoke, the brute force of a hammer, and sparks flying.  If you’re lucky, the metal heats to just the right temperature and bends to your will.  Put too many irons in the fire, and you will be sorry as they melt and fall before you can get to them.

But we can learn and grow with the times.  Our wives are teaching us that we must blog.  Actually, my wife is writing this right now.  She is a high school teacher, home on a school cancellation day due to excessively cold temperatures.  But enough about her.  It’s creepy, how she writes about herself in the third person.

So this blog page is here, and it may or may not get updated.  We may or may not enable the comments feature, depending on how much of our time we’d like to spend battling spam from around the world.


Technology meets ancient craft.  Happy New Year!0205black3[2]


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