Custom table with wine rack.

I’ve been creating several tables that incorporate wine racks where there would typically be a shelf. These are smaller than previous wine rack tables. The dimensions are 30″ wide by 14″deep and 36″high. This table has reclaimed Douglas Fir for the top. The wood was salvaged from the old high school in Two Harbors. The building was built in 1939 and had some of the most beautiful clear fir I’ve ever seen. I use recycled flattened copper tubing for the edging around the fir. It has a wonderful patina and the hand hammering added a lot of texture to the copper. The base is made of 1 1/4″ pipe. The pipe was very rusted and pitted and really added a lot of character to the piece. The branches were formed from the same 1 1/4″ pipe. I did however taper the pipe to get the long branch affect. The leaves I cut, freehand, out of flat steel. I like to cut them freehand so no two are alike in size. After much wire brushing I use a clear coat enamel to seal the piece. The wine rack will hold twelve 750ml  bottles.

This particular table was a custom order. It was sized for a space in a customer’s cabin.

table with wine rack

Table with wine rack